Chemical Peels exfoliate the top dead layers of skin to reveal healthy, new skin cells and a fresher, more refined complexion.

Superficial peels offered at day spas can give the skin a nice glow, but medical grade peels offer longer lasting results. Bella Medical Products uses well known, safe and effective acids in low percentages to ensure a great result for all ethnicities, with little risk of side effects.

When The Perfect Derma Peel is performed in a series of 3 peels (typically once a month for three months) patients see clearer, more youthful skin and diminished signs of aging.

While no doctor or medical spa can guarantee a specific result for a single cosmetic procedure, Perfect Derma Peel patients often report dramatic results after their peel series!

Be sure to prep your skin (and your schedule) and plan your “down time” properly so that you enjoy an easy, stress free process and most of all, absolutely gorgeous results!