Introduction To DermaTouch Clinic
DermaTouch Clinic is one of the latest Dermatology and skin care clinics in Egypt, With the latest technology and professional team we help you to reach what you need from your look and smooth feeling of your skin .. our skin is more healthier and give us the youth feeling no matter how age we are .. from that prospective we at DermaTouch Clinic have made it our mission to reach with you to that limit to always feel pretty and young

We aim to build a dedicated centre of excellences envisaged to provide its patronage the most exclusive services to treat a wide spectrum of skin disease under one roof. Dermatology always has been and always will be an integrated practice. It is a multifactorial specialty of medical, surgical, and cosmetic disciplines.

We at Derma Touch Clinic aim to establish state of the art Dermatology and Cosmetology centre of excellence taking care of integrated aspects of dermatology i.e medical skin care, surgical skin care, and cosmetic skin care as an integrated or blended practice, instead of focusing on just one thing as these disciplines are among the most dynamic sciences in the world and we need to do our best to be at the forefront.

Our focus is on evidence based care following international protocols for quality and safety of patients.
About DermaTouch Clinic